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2019 VTPEA Teacher Leader Training /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VTPEA-Teacher-Leader-Training-2019-Final-Accessible.pdf
Updated January 15, 2019
Power point presentation used for the January 8, 2019 Teacher Leader Training at Norwich University in Northfield, VT.

This test is the final step in the VTPEA certification process.  All VTPEA test administrators need to take and pass this test with a score of at least 80 points out of 100. The test covers the range of assessment options within the Vermont Physical Education Assessment suite including FitnessGram, the Brockport Physical Fitness Test and the Individual Fitness Assessment (IFA). Once the test is successfully completed, please forward the confirmation email including your score to your District Test Administrator (DA) to confirm the completion of your certification process.

Role of VTPEA Teacher Leader Summary /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/Role-of-VTPEA-Teacher-Leader.pdf
Updated September 05, 2018
This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of the SU/SD/IS teacher leader for the 2018/19 school year. Released by the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) on September 5, 2018.
2018 VT Physical Education Assessment Pilot Summary /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/Pilot-Summary-8_30_18.pdf
Updated August 30, 2018
This summary report of the VT Physical Education Assessment was released by the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) on August 30, 2018. The document summarizes data gathered from the 2018 Pilot Assessment and actions being implemented for the 2018-19 VTPEA administration.