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Temporary Accommodation Request Form /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/State-Assessment-Temporary-Accommodations-Request-Form-1-27-2020.docx
Updated January 27, 2020
This form is required for special educators who either use assistive technology, administer an accommodation, or have a process that is not on Smarter Balance’s list of approved accommodations. When in doubt, please check with the state prior to completing the form. This form can be completed for any state assessment.
Braille Display Video
Updated April 01, 2020
This video presents a student and TA workstation set up (refreshable Braille), JAWS transcription software, embossment requests, and the Help feature in the testing platform. Approximately 6 minutes. 
Braille Requirements and Testing Manual /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/Braille_Reqs_Manual_2017-2018_VT.pdf
Updated March 11, 2019

This manual includes information about supported operating systems and required hardware and software for Braille testing.  It provides information on how to configure JAWS, navigating an online test with JAWS, and how to administer a test to a student requiring Braille.

Accessing the Data Entry Interface (DEI) /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VT_Accessing-DEI_Brochure_RG030419.pdf
Updated March 04, 2019
This document provides instructions describing how to access the Data Entry Interface (DEI) in order to submit the Vermont Smarter Balanced Assessment or the Vermont Science Assessment standard, large print, or braille paper assessments.
Vermont Science Assessment Accessibility Guide /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VTSA_Accessibility_Manual_2019-2020_FINAL.pdf
Updated December 12, 2019

The Vermont Science Assessment (VTSA) Accessibility Guide (AC) is intended for school-level personnel and decision-making teams, particularly IEP teams, as they prepare for and implement the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) assessments. The AC provides information for classroom teachers, English development educators, special education teachers, and related services personnel to use in selecting and administering universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations for those students who need them. The AC is also intended for assessment staff and administrators who oversee the decisions that are made in instruction and assessment.