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Independent School/Program Codes /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/TIDE-Independent-School-and-Program-Codes-2019.pdf
Updated December 19, 2018
This document lists the independent school and program codes for TIDE.
Winter 2018 Regional Training PowerPoint /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VT_Regional_Training_2017-2018.pptx
Updated February 12, 2018
Winter 2018 Regional Training Presentation /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VT_Regional_Training_2017-2018.pdf
Updated February 12, 2018

This presentation was used for the 2018 Winter Regional Trainings.

Understanding Dual Reporting /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/Dual-Reporting-2016-2017_FINAL1.pdf
This document explains how to add a student to TIDE if two schools need access to their assessment scores.
Test Security Incident Log /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VT_Test_Security_Incident_Log.xlsx
Updated March 06, 2018
This log is to be downloaded and used to record test security incidents and appeals.  Consult the Test Coordinator Manual to understand how to respond to testing improprieties, irregularities, and breaches.
Public School/District Codes /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/TIDE-Public-School-and-District-Codes-2019.pdf
Updated December 19, 2018
This document lists the school and district codes for TIDE.

This recording documents the Assessment Updates and System Enhancements Webinar Training from March 8, 2018.