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Alt-VTPEA Reporting Link
Updated February 15, 2019
DA’s use this link to submit the Alt-VTPEA Reporting Spreadsheet for the entire SU/SD/IS at the end of the VTPEA assessment window.
Alt-VTPEA Reporting Spreadsheet /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/Alt-VTPEA-Reporting-2019.xlsx
Updated January 29, 2019
The Alt-VTPEA Reporting Spreadsheet is the document used to report data for the following assessment options: FitnessGram Accommodations, the Brockport Physical Fitness Test, and the Individual Fitness Assessment (IFA)  This document will be submitted by the DA one time for each SU/SD/IS using the Alt-VTPEA Reporting Link.

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  • Brockport58743AR7

PE Brockport Training Slides /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/PE-Brockport-3122018-Training-slides-.pdf
Updated April 27, 2018

These slides introduce the Brockport Test of Physical Fitness. Brockport is companion assessment for students with disabilities and is aligned with FitnessGram. Together, Brockport and FitnessGram make up the Vermont Physical Education Assessment. (VPEA)

Temporary Accommodation Request Form /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/Temporary-Accommodation-Request-Form-with-pw.docx
Updated January 16, 2019
This form is required for special educators who either use assistive technology, administer an accommodation, or have a process that is not on Smarter Balance’s list of approved accommodations. When in doubt, please check with the state prior to completing the form. This form can be completed for any state assessment.