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Vermont FitnessGram Webpage
Updated March 26, 2018

This page hosts Vermont specific FitnessGram Training Videos as well as links to the FG 101 certification test, and frequently asked questions to Vermont’s specific usage of the FitnessGram assessment for statewide accountability.

District Test Administrator’s Certification of Proper Test Administration /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/District-Administrator-Certification-of-Proper-Test-Administration.pdf
Updated March 16, 2018

By submitting this document, District Test Administrators will certify that their assessment(s) were administered by trained administrators in accordance with the principles and procedures outlined in the Test Coordinators and Test Administrators Manuals.

This document serves as a checklist for the teacher certification process.

Vermont Physical Education Assessment Implementation Team Responsibilities Checklist /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/PE-Assessement-Roles-and-Responsibilities.pdf
Updated April 27, 2018

The purpose of this document is to outline the responsibilities of each Supervisory Union or School District (SU/SD) team as they prepare for the spring 2018 pilot administration of the PE assessment.

Vermont’s New Statewide Physical Education Assessment /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/PE-Assessment-Policies-and-Guidlines.pdf
Updated March 16, 2018
This FAQ provides introductory information about the assessment, timelines for implementation, and the respective roles of the AOE and field educators in facilitating this new assessment.